Halen 22

Illinois. Lesbian.

- Artist

- Defender in training

- Writer

"Heart of a Lion,
Soul of a Bird."

"11, call me Krieg, I'll be the best of the league."

Twitter: @updownrisefall

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Family:"Do you have a boyfriend yet?"
Me:"No, I don't."
Family:"You're so pretty you should have one."
Me:"After having a faux hawk three years ago you still think I'm straight?"


Some guides I made for a friend of mine a while back. I’m not exactly the final word on pony proportions but this how I do it.

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I actually can’t cope with this

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And of course Carm would pick DMath up

Seattle Reign vs. Washington Spirit
NWSL Semifinal

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-This is called Awkward palm tree. If this happens throughout
  the episode, just roll with it.

- It’ll come from her more often than not.

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